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A name you can trust

With over 25 years of experience under our work belts, we're a name you can trust for all of your insulation needs.


We only use eco-friendly Styrofoam insulation for your home or business, so you can rest easy knowing only safe and environmentally sound products are being used in your building.

Call today and start saving money on your energy bills!


Keep your living space comfortable and cozy all year long

Whether you’re a home owner looking to keep your family warm during the long winter or need to keep your employees comfortable in your new office, turn to Cedar Flow Excavating for superior insulation services.

Ensure that your living space is cozy, healthy, and energy efficient with quality insulation services from Cedar Flow Excavating.

Keeping the air the perfect temperature

Along with insulation installations, our team will show you how to keep your living space energy efficient throughout the year.

 • Keep unconditioned and conditioned air

   from leaking in and out

 • Prevents drafts within the structure

 • Keeps heat in during the winter and out

   during the summer

 • Maintains uniform temperature

 • Reduces energy costs

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